Vira is an amazing photographer, she has very beautiful artistic vision and talent, as well as the ability to make you feel at ease during the photo shoot, which is a very personal and rewarding experience.

She helped my daughter feel more confident in posing for photos, and the resulting images were amazing, especially considering how camera-shy she was before.

I highly recommend contacting Vira if you are looking for portraits, she is a very energised and passionate photographer!

- Oksana Korolchuk

Vira, I cannot thank you enough for my beautiful pictures... You are so right in naming your work the Soul Portrait. I just loved so much the way you see me. After your photosession I began again believe in myself and feel beautiful. On top everyone is so thrilled with my pictures!

- Anita Schulz

My experience of photoshooting with Vira Betsch was probably the most amazing I tried in my life. And I do not even know what exactly left the brighter impression — photos which turned out to be just magically beautiful, or process of shooting which was definatelly outstanding from everything I had before...
At the beginning of the shooting Vira managed to remove my tension by very quick but gentle way and helped me to relax. Moreover, we began to discuss some very personal things which disturbed me a lot at that moment of life. I started to feel that the stress of the last days finally leaves me. It is necessary to explain that it was the time when my husband actively but not really successfully was looking for a new work. It influenced both of us with great stress and exhausted us emotionally. Surprisingly for me I began to talk to Vira about it, and she was finding the right words to calm me down. And it seemed to me that I was participating not a photoshoot, was having the session with the personal psychologist who fills me out with the new energy, gives me the new strengths. I was having such feeling that Vira was not just listening to me and my story, but also was feeling me by her very outstanding way. She was feeling even what I could not formulate by words. She accurately and gently directed me to the positive way of thinking, I began to look at everything that happens around in a different way. I suddenly saw that the most valuable, that me and my husband have between us, but what we almost forgot in this race for the new job. Even now I remember some Vira's phrases and it helps me now to overcome the hard moments as well.

And, by the way, as a bonus to all this - are my fantastic photos, all people who saw them were impressed a lot. It seems to me that the mood of relax flows from these pictures to the people who watch them. All this, no doubts, thanks to Vira! She is a Professional and, it is so obviously for me, she is much more than just the Photographer!

- Anastasia Moritz

Vira is an easy going and very intelligent person. She creates relaxed atmosphere which helps you feel confident and beautiful during the photo shoot. Vira feels your mood and depicts it in the photo.
When I received pictures, I was amazed how beautiful they were. Every photo made feel me very emotional and happy.
True talent! Recommended for everyone, who appreciates art

- Dana Nikitiuk

I look at your photos and truly admire them. How subtly it is possible to convey the soul of people, which is hidden somewhere far - far away. No kitsch, glamour, pathos. Lightness and natural glowing, pledged by God. Therefore, there is something unearthly in them, something not from this world, something not from this reality.

- Alsu Schaikhudinova

Vira is a very talented and professional photographer. However it’s not only about her talent - Vera’s ability to see the internal beauty of a person in front of her camera - this is what makes her pictures a unique piece of art. She somehow catches the “soul” of those being photographed regardless of their gender or age. Whether Vera puts her mind and skills into picturing the landscapes or the portraits, she is always striving to perfection. There’s no better expert to turn to than this lady to capture the beautiful yet fleeting moments of our lives.

- Maya Radice

Something magical happened during my photosession with Vira Betsch. I felt so naked in front of the camera although I was fully dressed. I had a feeling that Vira opened up something new in me, something beautiful, vulnearable and strong at the same time. When I got my prints, I loved them from the first sign! At the same time, I needed some time before I could show them to other people... They were so much ME. But me, whom I never met before. Thanks to Vira, now I am the best version of myself. Just the way she saw me with her camera.

- Maria Walls

Vira did an amazing job. She makes her models feel so easy and comfortable. The pictures are absolutely fantastic, we love them so much. Look stunning on the wall and get everyones attention.

- Shevchuk family

Vira, thank you very much for the pictures, your skills, your vision of us. We looked at them and they are so beautiful! I am very grateful to you for your ideas and the desire to leave such a great heilroom for our whole family!

- Alina Sutz

We have been to see Soul Portrait by Vira Betsch at her beautiful welcoming studio today for her to take pictures of my little boy. After losing his confidence this was his first attempt at having pictures taken in quiet some time, having previously done modelling. He was put right at ease by Vira and her welcoming, patient ways, all the toys and laughing with her lovely family really helped Theo settle in and build up his confidence. The picture are utterly incredible, capturing a new side to my boy that I've never seen on camera before, he could hardly keep his cheeky smile off his face. Cant reccomend highly enough xx

- Laura Hawarden

Vira immediately put my daughter at ease and worked with her to create some absolutely stunning portraits. Vira’s portraits are printed to the very highest quality and I was absolutely blown away by the images. These photographs are striking and unique. Never seen anything like them. I would highly recommend Soul Portrait for a unique photographic experience.

-Caroline Cardis

It took me to see one photo of my daughter that I could say Vira is a magician. Her talent made the whole process for us so easy and the results so impressive; she is a real professional  and passionate about what she does. I am amazed with many people's portraits Vira has done. She's such a talented, friendly and tactful person, a great pleasure to meet with. We were so lucky to be invited and hope to come back. I literally can not recommend Vira enough.

-Catherine Trinity

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